Fun Facts by All Star Dairy

All Star Dairy Foods, Inc. - Fun Facts

Did you know that the first documentation of a dish resembling ice cream comes from ancient China during the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) it was made from horse, water buffalo, cow and goat milks that were heated and allowed to ferment and then mixed with flour. In the Middle East charbet was the precursor to sorbets.

George Washington ate ice cream on a daily basis and had two ice cream machines at his Mount Vernon residence.

What's your flavor profile?

  • Vanilla Ambitious & impulsive
  • Chocolate Charming & engaging & creative
  • Butter Pecan Orderly & conservative
  • Strawberry Shy & detail orientated
  • Chocolate Chip Successful & generous & competitive
  • Coffee Lively & flirtatious

Store your ice cream in the back of the freezer, never in the freezer door!

Did you know there is a national Ice Cream Month? Try a new flavor every day in the month of July!